Zakka style project update

My Zakka  style project is done! and Im so pleased with the results. I had fun assembling things together and I learned how to do simple binding on this project. Yes, as most sewers know how to do binding, I searched on YouTube how simple binding was done and I learned to do the basic which is a good thing.On to the project, this Sweet sugar cookie sack is featured in Zakka style book that I recently purchased online. There are so many sewing projects that I would like to try.

I used muslin for the sack instead of linen as it’s a bit of a challenge to get very specific fabrics in the city I’m living in. The felt which I have a TON is from my stash. Also the beads which took some time to be used but Im happy to put them into good use on this project. The label on the sack are all handstitched and I love doing them.

I stumbled on this sew along blog called Zakka style sew-along and I would love to join in.

For now, here are some of the photos of the finished project.

Sweet sugar cookie mix set

Sweet sugar cookie mix set


Sweet Sugar Cookie sack set

Sweet Sugar Cookie sack set

Sweet sugar sack

Sweet sugar cookie sack

Felt cookies with sprinkles

Felt cookies with sprinkles


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