Sewing project update

I posted a sewing project almost 3 weeks ago, would you believe? I mentioned this here.  Life has been busy during those time so it really took time to finish the projects. I used the fabrics I cut here. The fabrics are now made to hold 16 piece crayons although my photo shows colored pencils, that can be used too.

I haven’t finish the two bigger sized fabrics shown on the cut fabrics but I’ll be posting them here on my blog once it’s done.

There’s something about fabrics and sewing that I really love. Although I sew only when time permits, I made it a point to do them well. Creating a craft or a project relaxes my  system and it makes me happy to see the final product after you worked on them.

Finish product

Finish product

Inside crayon roll

Inside crayon roll

Crayon roll

Crayon roll


2 thoughts on “Sewing project update

  1. Love all your works!! Thanks for the lovely crayon roll you gave the kids… its something different, told Sam you handmade ’em and she was amazed! If i had time I’d love to be able to do all these as well…

    Keep up the good work! Love love your stuff! =)

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