Happy Garland Message Board

I read about the Zakka Sew Along in Lindsey’s blog around end of July when I was browsing the net for sewing projects. I already had the book in June but didn’t know that there’s a sew along going on online.

The two most fave projects I would really want to do is the Sweet sugar cookie sack and this garland message board.

I was able to participate in Week 19, Sugar Cookie Sack and this time the Happy Garland Message Board at Week 23.

Those were two of the simplest projects on the book I know but I find those two as an adorable gift to the small kids at home. My other zakka project, sugar cookie sack is here.

Even if the sew along comes near to an end (only one week to go), I still plan to do the other projects I missed to do in the weekly roundups.

A version of this week’s project can also be seen in Maureen’s blog.

Now off to my message board version, I used a 12” embroidery hoop on my project. I bought the hoop a few weeks back and was looking forward to do my own board. This can be customized as a birthday present with a personalized name on it or with a minimal embellishment.

With a little fabric glue kept in each of the small triangles, it makes a little easier to align where each piece would go when I sew. Not too satisfied with the way I did the detail stitching in the triangles. Noticed the spacing done in there? I need more practice in working on curves and small detailed works especially when doing them on a machine. I hand stitched the ribbon seen on the left (second row banner).

I diecut a cloud pattern to put on top of the banner but decided in the end to remove them as it didn’t seem to fit in the overall look of the project, looks like my choice of fabric is not right. Didn’t take a photo either. The finishing at the back is photographed here though.

Anyhow, I ended up with this version. I have a number of mini clothes pin that I also used in my card projects so it just fit well on this occasion too.

Happy Garland Message Board, Zakka Style

Message Board, Tag with mini clothes pin

Hand stitched ribbon detail

Hand stitched ribbon detail

Finishing at the back

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