Felt crown for the little boys

I did this handmade felt crown for the little boys. It’s been pending for a while but so glad I finally made it. I have a girl version of this that I also did here for KC.

I used die cut stars and circles of felt as embellishments plus the glitzy buttons to add a feel of royalty 🙂 I also added my favorite ribbons and colored pompom ribbon.

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Felt Wand

After finishing the felt crown project, I started working on a coordinating wand to go along with it. I use the same color scheme of felt, and the same flower die (smallest size) from Papertrey ink. For embellishments, I used sequins and ribbons. I didn’t get any wooden dowel to use in the wand but got this pink plastic knitting needle (12mm size) as alternative. Just fit for the my color scheme.

So, let me know what you think.


wand full

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Felt Crown DIY

My little girl, KC will be celebrating her 7th birthday this month and before that day comes, I’m already looking for something that she could use or play around with. So, since she really wanted to have a Barbie theme birthday, I decided to make her a crown of her own, like a Barbie princess.

I found awesome site and tutorials when I was searching for a crown and I’m sharing here my own take in making my version of the crown using felt. My stash already have almost all what I need, I just bought additional buttons that look like diamonds.

I took photos during the process and you’ll see them how I did the elements. Note that this project took almost 3 days to finish since I worked on it only during the times that I’m free to craft. It’s an easy project to do but since I’m doing it only after work, it took a little bit of time to finish.

So here’s how I did it:

1. Gather all your supplies. Most of these are available in craft stores.

  • Felt – I used 2 shades of pink for the front and back
  • Pellon – for sturdier backing
  • Assorted buttons
  • Twine
  • Ribbons
  • Elastic band, scrap fabric to cover elastic (not shown)
  • Flower and Spellbinder dies (Optional) – you can free hand cut a shape and flowers. There are flower templates available online too. It just so happen that I have the Beautiful Blooms II #1 Die from Papertrey Ink
  • Water soluble marker (Optional) – a pencil will
  • Others – fabric glue, cut letters or other shapes or whatever embellishment that prefer for your crown


2. Print the crown template. I found this one made by Tara Miller. I adjusted mine, I made a little bigger than the template size before printing. Cut 3: back, front felt, pellon.

cut felt

3. Add the diamond-like-button in the crown’s top and colored ribbon below.

Note, I adhere only the front felt and pellon while I’m working with the embellishment. The light pink felt serves as a final cover, I put them later to hide the stitching I did in the buttons.

button ribbon

4. Add the other embellishments. This is how I did the flowers, I hope the photos explain them all 🙂

diecut flowers

flower assembly

assembling flowers

This is how I assembled them


5. I closed the top crown using blanket stitch. It can also be machine sewn but I’m too bad sewing curved lines. If machine sewn is to be done, you need to do it before putting the embellishments.

elastic end

The length of the crown is a little small than my girl’s head so I added covered elastic band at the back. I did the elastic this way


elastic stitch


Attached them at the back of the crown. It’s better to use a wide elastic so you don’t need to do it twice, it just happen that I have a thin one in my stash.


6. Sew both ends with blanket stitch and back-stitch

And the end project…

full front

the flower details


side flower details

If there’s any other questions regarding this project, just leave me a comment or send me an email 🙂

EDITED: I’m linking this project to  And Sew We Craft Together Linky Party

And Sew We Craft

Happy sewing!

Make-up brush, roll

I have cut these fabric from Heather Bailey (Freshcut fabric) a looonng time back 😦 but was able to finish the project only last night.  The cut fabrics were intended to be sewn as a make-up brush organizer. Sewing is much more the same way as the crayon rolls I did previously but this time larger. The inside pockets varies in size to fit the brush, some liner pencils, and whatnot.

I did some shots of the process of making this roll and plans to post a tutorial soon  to share.

For now, only the final product is here.



Make up roll

Make up roll


Happy Garland Message Board

I read about the Zakka Sew Along in Lindsey’s blog around end of July when I was browsing the net for sewing projects. I already had the book in June but didn’t know that there’s a sew along going on online.

The two most fave projects I would really want to do is the Sweet sugar cookie sack and this garland message board.

I was able to participate in Week 19, Sugar Cookie Sack and this time the Happy Garland Message Board at Week 23.

Those were two of the simplest projects on the book I know but I find those two as an adorable gift to the small kids at home. My other zakka project, sugar cookie sack is here.

Even if the sew along comes near to an end (only one week to go), I still plan to do the other projects I missed to do in the weekly roundups.

A version of this week’s project can also be seen in Maureen’s blog.

Now off to my message board version, I used a 12” embroidery hoop on my project. I bought the hoop a few weeks back and was looking forward to do my own board. This can be customized as a birthday present with a personalized name on it or with a minimal embellishment.

With a little fabric glue kept in each of the small triangles, it makes a little easier to align where each piece would go when I sew. Not too satisfied with the way I did the detail stitching in the triangles. Noticed the spacing done in there? I need more practice in working on curves and small detailed works especially when doing them on a machine. I hand stitched the ribbon seen on the left (second row banner).

I diecut a cloud pattern to put on top of the banner but decided in the end to remove them as it didn’t seem to fit in the overall look of the project, looks like my choice of fabric is not right. Didn’t take a photo either. The finishing at the back is photographed here though.

Anyhow, I ended up with this version. I have a number of mini clothes pin that I also used in my card projects so it just fit well on this occasion too.

Happy Garland Message Board, Zakka Style

Message Board, Tag with mini clothes pin

Hand stitched ribbon detail

Hand stitched ribbon detail

Finishing at the back

Finger puppets

I also did some finger puppets made out of felt. The bigger ones (monkey, lion and hippo) were inspired from Nicole Heady.

I did smaller finger puppets too in the past and I’m trying them out again here for the second time. It was all so fun to make. Feels like I’m a small kid again.

Finger puppets

Felt finger puppets

Felt finger puppets

Sewing project update

I posted a sewing project almost 3 weeks ago, would you believe? I mentioned this here.  Life has been busy during those time so it really took time to finish the projects. I used the fabrics I cut here. The fabrics are now made to hold 16 piece crayons although my photo shows colored pencils, that can be used too.

I haven’t finish the two bigger sized fabrics shown on the cut fabrics but I’ll be posting them here on my blog once it’s done.

There’s something about fabrics and sewing that I really love. Although I sew only when time permits, I made it a point to do them well. Creating a craft or a project relaxes my  system and it makes me happy to see the final product after you worked on them.

Finish product

Finish product

Inside crayon roll

Inside crayon roll

Crayon roll

Crayon roll

Zakka style project update

My Zakka  style project is done! and Im so pleased with the results. I had fun assembling things together and I learned how to do simple binding on this project. Yes, as most sewers know how to do binding, I searched on YouTube how simple binding was done and I learned to do the basic which is a good thing.On to the project, this Sweet sugar cookie sack is featured in Zakka style book that I recently purchased online. There are so many sewing projects that I would like to try.

I used muslin for the sack instead of linen as it’s a bit of a challenge to get very specific fabrics in the city I’m living in. The felt which I have a TON is from my stash. Also the beads which took some time to be used but Im happy to put them into good use on this project. The label on the sack are all handstitched and I love doing them.

I stumbled on this sew along blog called Zakka style sew-along and I would love to join in.

For now, here are some of the photos of the finished project.

Sweet sugar cookie mix set

Sweet sugar cookie mix set


Sweet Sugar Cookie sack set

Sweet Sugar Cookie sack set

Sweet sugar sack

Sweet sugar cookie sack

Felt cookies with sprinkles

Felt cookies with sprinkles