Colored Pencils

Today I got these Staedtler colored pencils sharpened in preparation for some coloring. I bought some stamps recently and would be good if I used these pencils again for some practice.

I used this medium in the past but haven’t really explored how well they can be used in different papers like Kraft cardstock. I saw some cards with colored images using colored pencils and they looked amazing. I should see for myself how it goes and will share here when I’m done.

Here are my new crisped tips ready for use

FullSizeRender (1)

I have a set of 24 which I think is enough to begin with the exploration.

I remember when I started card making, I used colored pencils and watercolor pencils to color digital images. That worked for me at the time but as I later get hold of other coloring materials like alcohol based markers, watercolor and lately distress ink pads, I seldom use these pencils as much as before which is a shame. I used to love them a lot and I want to use my supplies more rather than stowing them away. Good plan right? 🙂


Until then and I’ll share some of the colored stuff soon 🙂

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